File name : Komatsu PC210LC-10 Shop Manual
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Kobelco excavator repair SK200-2 SK200-3 fault code:
A-1ROM data is bad (not electromechanical A adjustment).
A-2 Electrical A bad adjustment.
A-3CPU exception.
B-1 arm upward pressure sensor is abnormal.
B-2, the big arm downward pressure sensor is abnormal.
B-3, the arm back pressure sensor is abnormal.
B-4, arm extended pressure sensor anomaly.
B-5, the bucket back pressure sensor is abnormal.
B-6, bucket extended pressure sensor anomaly.
B-7, rotary pressure sensor anomaly.
B-9, dextral pressure sensor anomaly.
B-10, sinistral pressure sensor anomaly.
C-1, P1 pump pressure sensor is abnormal.
C-2, P2 pump pressure sensor is abnormal.
D-1, P1 neutral cut proportional valve abnormalities.
D-2, P2 neutral cut proportional valve abnormalities.
D-3, the proportion of straight travel valve abnormalities.
D-4, a large proportion of boom confluence valve abnormalities (only -2 models).
D-5, the proportion of slow rotary valve abnormalities (only -2 models).
D-6, the arm of variable renewable proportional valve abnormalities (only -3 models).
E-1, P1 pump proportional valve abnormalities.
E-2, P2 pump proportional valve abnormalities.
F-1, booster valve abnormalities.
F-2, the rotating brake solenoid is abnormal.
F-3, the traveling speed changeover solenoid valve abnormalities.
F-4, FC mode (micro-operations) solenoid valve abnormalities (only -2 models).
F-5, walk a straight line solenoid valve abnormalities (only -2 models).
G-1, the stepper motor current exception.
G-2, the stepper motor without a starting point indexing.
G-5, an engine flameout (Show E / G reversal).
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